What is hairmingo

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Specialties, services & searches

What we have here my friends is basically a directory of local beauty professionals that declare their top 3 service specialties. A specialty can be anything from hair coloring to eyelash extensions. Only their declared specialties are searchable. When a consumer clicks on their service needs the stylists that truly specialize in that service will be listed in geographical order. Each stylist has a personal profile page so that a consumer can narrow their choice down after reading their bio, validated reviews, salon affiliation, pricing and more.

Hairmingo was designed to solve two age-old problems affecting the salon industry for stylists and for consumers alike.

1. The salon industry faces an extremely low customer retention rate across the nation.

2. Consumers are endlessly looking for stylist referrals through online forums, social media platforms, friends, family, strangers, you name it.

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Innovative thinking

Through our unique system a consumer will find a stylist that truly knows their service needs. A beauty professional will see clients that made a deliberate choice to see them. There are several key components that effect a client's decision making process within this beauty sector. Our system brings that information directly in front of the consumer. Consumers that pre-chose their stylist are more likely to remain long-term, loyal customers

We have two parties that are searching for each other in all the same places. So the million dollar question is what factors are needed for an increase in the connection success rate? To answer this we studied the primary communication avenues such as online forums, social media platforms, interviewing friends, family, strangers, salons, stylists.

-How were stylists and consumers interacting with each other and amongst themselves?

-What were their exact struggles?

-How were they trying to find each other?

-What was needed to close the gap to ensure quality connections?

Hairmingo was designed to eliminate those struggles for consumers and connects them to a beauty professional that meets their personal qualifications and specializes in their needs.

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Step 1
Start your search for a stylist based on your service need.

Connecting with a stylist that specializes in your beauty needs is easier than ever! In fact, it can be done in just a mingo minute. Select your service need and you are on your way to browse our community of stylists.

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Step 2

So now that you have determined what service you would like your stylist to have let's narrow your options down to the stylists that meet your personal qualifications. Check out the stylists' bio, picture, ratings & reviews, salon affiliation, pricing, hours of operation and more.

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Step 3
Connect with your chosen stylist

Now that you have hand-picked your desired stylist go ahead and get that appointment set! Please don't forget to leave your rating and review after your service is complete. Reviews from consumers just like you are so crucial to ensure a quality connection for everyone. You have the power to enlighten other consumers in making an educated choice for their beauty needs. Let's grow a community of quality referrals, honesty and beauty perfection for all!