The Tale of
Gretchen Mingo

Once upon a time...

There was a beautiful flamingo name Gretchen. She lived in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago her entire life. There were many hair salons in her town and surrounding areas, but for some reason, she was always on the hunt for a stylist when she needed her feather cut. She dreaded the many phone calls trying to find someone experienced that she could trust. Gretchen was anxious and confused and her feathers were really ruffled. She would normally end up stopping by a random salon while driving. She would ask the salon to find her they stylist that specialized in cutting her short “haired” feathers. The salon would give her to whoever was free at the moment. Gretchen was not happy with the results. Six weeks later it was time for a trim and the saga continued.

Is this really the end?!

Ok, Gretchen, let's figure this out. Here's what we think happened:

Gretchen walked into her appointment already nervous and confused. What worried her was this stylist unknown to her would cut her feather properly. She didn’t know who this person was or how experienced so what would be the result? Could be great or could be a disaster. The stylist was stymied as well, not knowing what Gretchen’s desired hairstyle would be. Gretchen is feeling like an outsider in a strange place and being at ease doesn’t seem to be an option.

Is Gretchen going to like her hair cut?
Will the stylist be easy to talk with and discuss what she wanted?
Is the Salon clean and organized and make you feel good about being there?
What kind of experience did others have here? Would they come back again?
How much will they charge as there seems to be big differences in pricing?

Replay: Once upon a time… There was a beautiful flamingo named Gretchen.

Gretchen needed a short “haired” feather cut. UGH! Oh great, she thought sarcastically. Where would she go this time? She logged on the HAIRMINGO website. She did a quick search for a local stylist that specialized in cutting short hair. She immediately saw a listing of stylists that met her qualifications. She saw her stylists’ picture, the salon, and her bio. Wow! This person seemed like a really good fit for her. Gretchen saw so many people leave great ratings and personal reviews. The excitement was building. She looked at the stylist’ calendar and booked an appointment that fit her schedule, right online. For the first time in a while, Gretchen knew exactly what she was walking in to. On the day of her appointment, she was not stressed at all. She recognized her stylist when she walked up to greet her. There were no major concerns as the issues were already addressed when reading the bio. No doubt this person was qualified and met her requirements from the online search. She sat back, took a deep breath and relaxed to enjoy the experience. This turned out to be one of the best haircuts she has had. Finally, she found the perfect stylist for her. After all, it’s important to always to look your best.