Create a trusted review platform where Stylists and Consumers can connect to build long term client relationships that are beneficial to both parties.


Hairmingo was founded by a local businesswoman who during a conversation with her stylist heard about a unique struggle within the salon industry. As a business owner herself, she felt compelled to help find a solution. Back at home, the research began and she uncovered several factors that were weighing down this industry. Appointments were made to interview salon owners and stylist on their struggles and the needs of the industry in general. Amazingly enough, there were many similarities expressed through their insights. The majority stated that they were all getting held back by unprotected review sites. Fraudulent reviews were posted on sites and the stylist themselves did not have the opportunity to dispute or remove them. Some sites asked for a fee to remove the fraudulent review but even then the review was not taken down. In a business that is primarily client driven by referrals, this posed a major problem. On top of that, the stylist did not have a good way to get connected with their desired audience. This made building a business with repeat customers very difficult. The consumers also were frustrated trying a find a stylist that is a good fit for their needs and wants.

The solution was found by launching a validated review site that connects consumers to a stylist that they choose using a simple system that defines each stylist individually for a true compatibility match. A high level of transparency, fairness and demand for honesty will provide consumer safety and trust along with a revolutionary way for the stylist and consumers to connect. The value is found in creating long term relationships which are a win-win for everyone.

To give good service you must add something that cannot be bought or measured with money, that is sincerity and integrity.
-Douglas Adams


We run a no tolerance policy at Hairmingo. We do not condone purposely made fraudulent reviews or falsified information from any user. If a member or consumer suspect fraudulent information is listed they may contact our dispute department. An investigation will be done and will bring a non-negotiable verdict to the dispute. If the review is deemed authentic it will stay on the site regardless if it is positive or negative. If it is deemed fraudulent the review will promptly be removed from all platforms and the member/user who posted it will lose the opportunity to have an account with Hairmingo.

The promise of business is to increase the general well-being of humanity through service, a creative invention and ethical philosophy. -Paul Hawken


We guarantee we don't sell off any personal information or allow members to buy extra exposure with us. No one can buy their way to make you see them faster or more predominantly featured. No third party advertisers are on our platform. We refuse to profit on ads and search manipulation. Each member is searched and listed by the consumer’s filters and then by proximity to the consumer. Fair and square.

Trust, honesty, humility, transparency, and accountability are the building blocks of a positive reputation. Trust is the foundation of any relationship. -Mike Paul


Our members all pay the exact same monthly fee for this unique online exposure. This is how we keep it honest and ad-free with zero cost for consumers. We provide real marketing value to our members. We generate quality client growth and marketing tools targeted towards organic growth. Hairmingo’s focus is to start a community that wants better.

Great companies start because the founders want to change the world...not make a fast buck! -Guy Kawaksi